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SOVAS Wrinkle Filler – Noninvasive Transdermal Firming™

  1. Uses the loniderm device with Hanna Isul Wrinkle filler to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate collagen and fill wrinkles with lipids.
  2. It is a recommended alternative treatment to any needle injection. Safe, effective and it works!
  3. There is no down time, no pain, no risk of bruising or an unnatural look and guessing about “what is going into my skin?”
  4. Depending on the patient some may experience a metal-like taste in mouth or teeth, but only for a few hours or less, due to the presence of dental fillings.
  5. The filler will last for approximately a month after two treatments.
  6. The Wrinkle filler treatments are for eyes, nasal labial folds (laugh lines), lips, full face, and neck areas.
  7. Results: righter, firmer, and smoother wrinkled areas (like ironing the wrinkles). Plumps up your lips as well. Recommended 2X per week for 5 weeks, then 1X per month for maintenance.
  8. Firming AHA Serum, wrinkle peel and wrinkle cream are highly recommended for pose wrinkle filler treatment.


  • Eyes, nasal folds and lips- $75
  • Full face – $150
  • Face and Neck – $300

Hanna Isul Medical skin care products have been tested on Patented HSTE at University of North Texas Health & Science Center by Noted Scientist Dr. Robert Gracy.

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